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/What do we do?

We provide wholesome business solutions!

Simply put, we are a one stop shop! From designing the brand's first logo, strategizing their pilot launch to getting them investor worthy.

We focus on the three spheres of a brand


1st sphere
Identity is whatever that a brand requires to be identified in the market. Brand identity encompasses the visible elements of a brand, such as color, design, and logo that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers' minds. Building a brand identity involves analyzing the brand and its market, determining key business goals, identifying its customers and then creating the personality and overall message the brand wants to communicate to accomplish it's business goals. Brand identity includes the following deliverables
  • 1. name of the brand
  • 2. the logo
  • 3. primary artstyle
  • 4. the tone of content
  • 5. Registrations and other legalities
Note that Rebranding is nothing but retracing this process and creating a fresh identity for a struggling brand.


2nd sphere
A branding strategy is a fluid long-term plan to achieve a series of long-term goals. The main goal of a successful branding strategy is to let the world know that your brand exists, what purpose it has, and what defines it. If executed to perfection, this ultimately results in the identification and preference of your brand by your customers. We prepare a brand strategy by running a discovery session.
This help us discover
  • 1. your history
  • 2. your capabilities
  • 3. your position in the market
  • 4. your challenges
  • And everything that is there to know
With the above evaluation we compose a sound strategy that will help you reach your target audience and achieve your business goals seamlessly.


3rd sphere
Content has always been the King! Content is anything that needs an artist to craft! It might be a website, social media post, graphics, applications, artworks or simply copywriting. Content sets the tone of your brand that your customers will communicate with, and so we take great care to design every aspect of the content very cautiously. We use the greatest tool at our disposal - Creativity! By evaluating the brand strategy composed, we craft creative and engaging content that appeals to the target audience. We have the capability to craft everything from a logo to developing a full-fledged application.

We also take care of all the legal aspects.

We have done phenomenal work for our clients. Check out our rhapsodies!

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/Case Studies

Our rhapsodies are our adventures

What you are about to see is a culmination of superb efforts by us. Each one is a unique tale, filled with its own rhythm, composing its own rhapsody!

The Lost Project

The Lost Project is a videography studio based in Pune started by the very young and talented Adwait Parchure After the discovery session we concluded that rebranding would benefit the brand most. In this specific case logo, business cards and website are enough for the time being. But Adwait had a very special requirement! He wanted his customers to have an immersive experience whenever they interacted with his brand. And so we delivered. Here is the result! Yes! We designed a maze for a logo! Go ahead! Try to solve it. Its fun! Now the challenge here is that logo would not be able to be used as an icon anywhere. Nor would it be decipherable in small print. So we designed a new icon altogether. The variations of this icon are used as profile picture for all the social media platforms. Next came the business cards.
We wanted the people to really solve the maze. We provided an incentive for the same. We created coupons out of business cards with an introductory offer. They look like this. press and hold the image to zoom in hover your mouse on the image to zoom in The people who are at the receiving end of this business card are bound to talk about this brand even after 30 seconds of conversation. And lastly the website!
We wanted to create something that will keep the visitor mesmerised. So we created an experience. Instead of black and white we went kind of opposite! Incorporating all the colors of the spectrum and designing a minimal interface, we created a piece of art! We can describe you the website or you can just experience it yourself!
Visit thelostproject.in Next update of the website coming by July, 2022 with new content and more fun! P.S. This is a custom built website. We usually dont like to use platforms like wordpress and wix to develop a website as it takes away the most beautiful thing of all!
Creative freedom!

Nanda Ecotech

Identity and Content

This is an ongoing project. Rhapsody will be updated soon.

Bark & Beyond

Identity and Content

This is an ongoing project. Rhapsody will be updated soon.

Now allow us to introduce ourselves! Who are bards?!

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/Who are we?

We are Bards!

we are a community of very high performance creative individuals from diverse professional backgrounds working together towards composing the most efficient ways to help a brand grow

Founding members of the community include

Founding Member

Sourabh Morankar

Founder / Executive Creative Director

Sourabh Morankar started Bards Incorporated with the purpose of helping 100 small to medium scale businesses to grow by the end of 2023. Over the period of his career, he has created some amazing pieces of unique brand aesthetics and strategies for various businesses. He is skilled in graphic design, UX, Front end web development, human behaviour and marketing. This skillset allows him to create flawless content and strategies for his clients. He is the ambitious leader of Bards Incorporated. Check him out on social network platforms

check out our Odes!

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Our odes are a collection of FAQs!

We have written these so that you have a better understanding of how we operate so that we can help you to the fullest of our capabilities

What is a business problem?

A business problem can be defined as any hurdle, situation, or variation that leads to a difference between the desired objectives and accomplished results. Some problems present themselves, while others require in-depth analysis of the organization. The problem may be financial, positioning, demand, reputation or any other. Sometimes, the brand doesnt even know that they have a problem unless they see themselves from a third perspective. We help them just do that. To get to the root of the problem, we conduct rigorous discovery sessions to evaluate the brand.

What is a discovery session?

A Discovery Session is the most important meeting between you and us! It will cover the goals, requirements, justification for the work, deadlines, constraints, key contacts, and anything else that may give you a high-level understanding of the business problem. Please note that discovery sessions are paid sessions. Sometimes it takes hours and sometimes it takes multiple days to finish these sessions. We invite all your executives, stakeholders and sometimes even few of your clients for these. Here we ask you some very tough questions. We dig deep! We start with your motivations behind starting this brand, your brand's history, most important milestones, failures, success stories and more.. Then we ask discuss your goals and hurdles. This usually becomes the problem statement for us that we later work on. We also touch your capabilities, financials, organisational paradigm and any essential information that might help us serve you better. The purpose of learning all this knowledge is to find out what the actual problem that we have to solve. Once we have identified the problem, we discuss the possible solutions or we discuss how we will find the solution. Sometimes, ton of research is needed to come to the most efficient and creative solution to those nasty business problems.

Why don't we send proposals

Proposals are unique to each client. And creating a proposal takes a lot of time and efforts to research about the needs of your brand. It takes at least two days to craft a decent proposal considering the capabilities and the problem. And our efforts are not free! What we do send is a report. A report based on discovery session, which will cover research based data and outline of the strategy. Accompanying this will be a quote for all the particulars that we will be taking responsibility for to execute the said strategy. To put it simply, we dont send proposals because it is immature to do so before a discovery session.

Reach out to us if you have any interesting tidbit to share.
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